Internet shop rules

1. General stipulations

  1.1  These rules are considered legal document, obligatory for both buyer and seller.

  1.2  Seller has the right to change the rules at any time, according to current legislation.

2. Personal info safety

  2.1  Any personal information, registered in internet shop is not disclosed.

3. Buyers rules

  3.1  Buyer has a right to buy items in according to these rules.

  3.2  Buyer has a right to return the bought item. If so, the buyer has to inform the seller in writing, within 5 days from receiving the shipment. This only applies to damaged or low quality goods. Books and musical compositions will only be exchanged in case of technical defect.

  3.3  In clause 3.2 of these rules of Consumer are stated, which are based on order Nr.258 of Minister of Economy from August 17, 2001, „Daiktų pardavimo ir paslaugų teikimo, kai sutartys sudaromos naudojant ryšio priemones, taisyklėmis".

  3.4  Buyer only has the right to return the item, as stated in clause 3.2, if the item was not damaged, its appearance was not changed and it was not used by the buyer. Books and CD’s, DVD’s and MC’s are non-refundable.

4. Buyers responsibilities

  4.1  Buyer must pay for chosen items and receive them from a courier or pick them up at the post office.

5. Seller’s rights

  5.1  If the buyer is somehow trying to disrupt the functioning of, the seller has the right to limit or completely sever trade relations with the buyer without any warning and also limit buyer’s access to the internet shop.

6. Seller’s responsibilities

  6.1  Seller pledges to secure confidentiality of all buyer’s personal information.

  6.2  Seller must deliver ordered goods to the buyer within period of time, stated in clause 8 of these rules.

  6.3  If seller is unable to deliver the chosen item in time, he must as soon as possible offer the buyer a similar item. If buyer refuses to take that item instead of the one he chose, seller must return the payment in 5 workdays.

7. Prices, order and terms of payment

  7.1  Prices in and invoice are in litas, including VAT.

  7.2  Buyer can pay for his order in two ways

    7.2.1 Bank transfer – prepay, for which the buyer has to print out the invoice confirmed by the seller and transfer the money to bank account.

    7.2.2 In cash – while picking up the chosen items in the bookstore “ZODIAKAS”, Vilnius, Labdariu st. 4, +370-5-2312992.

8. Shipping

  8.1  Buyer must give his contact telephone number and precise address, including postal code.

  8.2  Buyer must pick the goods up at post office if he chose the mail delivery. Buyer must take the goods from courier if he chose the courier delivery option. If buyer is unable to do that, he must not make claims to the seller or the company in charge of the delivery.

  8.3  Goods are delivered by the seller or his trustee.

  8.4  Seller must deliver the goods within stated term. This does not apply to cases, when the buyer is informed, that some items are not available at the moment. If the order must be delayed through no fault of the seller, the seller must contact the buyer and and negotiate new terms of delivery.

  8.5  In all cases the buyers must not make claims to the seller if the delivery is disrupted due to the fault of the buyer or to the reasons beyond the seller.

  8.6  During delivery, the buyer and the seller or his trustee must check the quality and state of the goods and if all the goods are in place. Especially if the package is damaged, the buyer must open the package and check the state   of goods in the presence of the seller. After buyer signs the invoice, the goods are considered delivered and seller         does not accept any claims about the quality and state of good from the buyer. As stated earlier, this does not apply   to books, CD’s, DVD’s and MC’s, because technical defects may not be visible at the time of goods transfer.

  8.7  In the case of returning the goods, under the clause 3.2 of there rules, the buyer must pay all the expenses for shipping the goods back to the seller. The sum will be deducted from the cost of returned goods. In case the shipping   costs exceed the cost of goods, the buyer must pay the difference to the seller in 15 calendar days.

  8.8  More detailed information on shipping can be found on under “Shipping”.

  8.9  If the goods are to be picked up from the bookstore “ZODIAKAS”, it must be done in three days, after notification, that the goods are ready.

9. Warranties

  9.1  Each item’s, offered in, characteristics are in item’s description.

  9.2  Seller is not responsible for differences in some characteristics due to some specific features of buyer’s monitor.

  9.3  For some items, which require it, the expiration date is specified.

  9.4  Seller must guarantee that item’s with expiration date must be sold for the buyer to have a realistic chance of using the item.

10. Responsibilities of the parties

  10.1 Buyer is responsible for accuracy of given information. If personal info, telephone number address are incorrect, the seller is not responsible for any consequences.

  10.2 Buyer is responsible for giving the registration info to third parties. If to the fault of buyer third parties connected to the internet shop, seller will consider the actions performed by third parties, as if they were performed by the buyer.

  10.3 Seller is not responsible for casualties that occurred due to buyer not reading these rules.

  10.4 Seller is not responsible for any information buyer might get from third party sites, links of which are provided on

  10.5 If any casualties resulting in financial loss occur, guilty party must make restitution.

11. Final part

  11.1 These rules are formed taking into account legal acts of Lithuania.

  11.2 Based on these rules, Law of Lithuania is employed to any kind of trade relations.

  11.3 All disputes arising from the implementation of these rules should be resolved peacefully through negotiations. If the parties could not agree, all disputes shall be resolved in the manner described by the laws of Lithuania.


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